Thursday, 6 March 2014

White Dwarf Anyone?

I have gone from being a regular White Dwarf reader in years past, never missing an issue to these days hardly ever buying it (I think the last issue I bought was some commemorative one marking so many years in print). Back when I started reading White Dwarf it was not solely a Games Workshop rag but was more of a general RPG magazine and I miss that very much as there were some great articles in those early editions.

I don’t play Warhammer or 40K or any other of the Games Workshop games these days (although I am very partial to a game of Space  Hulk) so their magazine has hasn’t been of much use to me other than eye candy but all the battle reports etc got in the way as I had no interest in them. All that being said I have never grown tired of Games Workshops figures, and game world backgrounds, the 40K universe is as rich and detailed as any imaginary universe you could wish for.

So now White Dwarf has had a major shakeup and is a weekly magazine and costs half the price of the old monthly edition and there is a monthly show case magazine called Warhammer Visions. I bought a copy of the smaller weekly edition last week, my first White Dwarf in years as the whole edition was dedicated to the new Imperial Knight model and it makes for a nice magazine to keep on the shelf (or at work to have a quick flip through at lunchtimes). With these smaller editions possibly dedicated to one subject each issue I will certainly keep my eye open and would probably start buying White Dwarf again on a subject by subject basis in future.

As to the new monthly Visions magazine, I have not seen a copy of that myself yet but over at the Tale of Painters blog there is a good and unbiased review of this new magazine and going by what it says there it might be time for me to search it out and have a look myself.